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Why Do I Need An Insurance Advisor?

by rossfowler
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Why would I use a dedicated insurance advisor? I can deal directly with my bank or a specific insurance company, right? Technically, yes. However there are some major benefits to using a dedicated insurance advisor that many people may be unaware of. 

An Insurance Advisor Offers Personalised Service

  • An insurance advisor will do all the “leg work” for you, and for no extra cost!
  • You get personalised service, rather than dealing with someone at a bank you will never see again, or having to deal directly with an insurance company who will only promote and sell their own products.
  • An insurance advisor will search the market to ensure you get a policy and products that suit your situation, also without additional cost.
  • An advisor can offer the convenience of meeting when and where you like – that could be your place, at a café, or even online if that is best for you.

Tailored Solutions

Banks and insurance companies have one very significant limitation when it comes to insurance solutions; they can only recommend, or sell, their own products – regardless of whether their particular product is the ideal solution for you and your family. As a result, you may end up paying for a product you don’t need, or worse, not receiving the the cover you expect.

A dedicated insurance advisor deals with each clients’ specific needs and can take the best products from a variety of providers. This means you can be confident you are always getting the best value and cover possible. 

Ongoing Support

When the time comes to make a claim, an insurance advisor is there to help you. An advisor will handle the whole process for you at what can be an extremely stressful time. 

Despite what you may think, an insurance policy is not always a one-time-fix. Circumstances change and you will want to review your policy at least annually. An insurance advisor will notify you of policy anniversary and you can meet up to discuss any necessary changes. As your situation changes, you can adapt your policy to suit. This means you will always have the right amount and type of insurance that you need. 

For more information on my specific insurance solutions, take a look at my Insurance Options page. 

If you’re interested in discussing your insurance needs with an advisor, simply fill in the form below and I’ll get in touch!

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